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SJ's Fur-Ever Friends: Mother's Day Edition

SJ’S Fur-Ever Friends: Mother’s Day Edition

Meet the Mamas of Almost There Rescue, a Mom & Pups Rescue, waiting patiently for their forever homes now that their puppies have all been adopted. These sweet Moms would love nothing more than to find a family for Mother's Day. Could it be you? 

We had the most amazing time visiting some familiar faces and some new ones to celebrate the true Dog Moms this week. You may remember Angel, our lucky dog from St' Patrick's Day who was incredibly timid and so seemingly sad. She's smiling now that her luck has turned around being in the loving arms of the staff and volunteers at the rescue and she even wags her tail! We also revisit Nara, who you met on Valentine's Day when we featured all the single mamas of ATR. I'm in awe that she hasn't been adopted yet and her love all things continues to grow. I couldn't resist an abundance of belly rubs and kisses with all the sweet girls waiting to go home. You'll meet Sally, Vueve and Elle as well - all new features but, who have all been waiting countless days at this overflowing rescue to find their families.

Mama dogs tend to be overlooked because, well PUPPIES. I wanted to give these gals an opportunity to be seen. They are all still so young! Most only 2-3 years old. They are trained, know commands and have developed the most amazing personalities. Each one unique in her own right. Each one so ready to find love and a safe place to call home - Forever.

Watch this week's episode below. And please share these mama's stories so they can start a new life outside of the rescue.







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