Sara Jean

Sara Jean

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My Scandoval.

Navigating the Void & Embracing the Purge.

In this episode, SJ discusses how to navigate the void - that period in your life where you feel lost with no purpose and keep being met with resistence - and how to embrace the purge that follows. She dives into some of the emotional awakenings she's had regarding the struggles so many people faced during the last year and the epiphanies that helped her realize there is a light that emerges from the darkness.

Back to my Roots.

In this episode, SJ goes home for the first time in 4.5 years and rediscovers who she truly is. Sometimes we need to go back to our roots to remember who we are, where we came from and who and what really matter.

I'm Coming Home.

After four and a half years, SJ is finally going home to see her family for the holidays. Her first visit since making the 1200 mile move across the country and leaving her whole life behind her. In this episode she discusses those feelings of anxiety, excitement and fear as she returns to what once felt familiar. But will it still?

Looking for a Sign.

In this episode SJ tells the story of how rainbows broke her heart. Of fairytale romances, misread signs and unhealed wounds that she never thought were still there until this podcast episode starts to unfold. The search for a happy ending starts here.

Robin Williams.

Keyboard warriors. Trolls. Bullies. They've taken over the internet. But responding to these types of people only adds fuel to their fire...and will ultimately leave you feeling drained and defeated. This week SJ shares the story of the keyboard warrior who broke her. She explains her two week absense from the podcast and discusses how to combat the hate with love.

Self Sabotage.

This week we dig into the root of or anxiety to pinpoint our self-sabotaging behaviors. Where do they come from? Why do we do it? And how do we stop? Join SJ on her journey to do the work and flip the switch to happiness.

Alcohol and guilt.

In this episode, SJ discusses her struggles with the decision to be sober or not. And she gets to the root of why drinking causes her so much guilt. Does it have to be all or nothing?

Asking for Help.

After thinking she could manage her depression, ADHD and anxiety alone, SJ realized that sometimes you have to swallow your pride and ask for help. And in doing so, has learned some valuable lessons about not only her health, but her triggers, her ego and her relationships.

My Midlife Crisis

How do you navigate the realization that there may be more days behind you than ahead of you? That you could die alone? In this week's episode, SJ discusses her midlife crisis, and how realizing she may never be able to have children has opened her eyes to realizing the importance of the other realationships in her life and how the traumas of some female friendships have helped her recognize the ones that are truly authentic and oh so valuable.